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About Us

Meet The Owner


Amanda started her career in dentistry 10 years ago as a dental assistant. Amanda quickly found out how passionate she was about the patients and staffs needs being met. Over the next few years she has fine tuned her skills in both chair side assisting as well as front office. This experience has given her great insight to what is needed in this industry.


How NWDS got started


After a few years working in dental offices, one thing Amanda quickly realized from both the employer and employee side that staffing agencies were lacking the personal communication. Amanda often took temp jobs on her days off and felt unprepared for the assignment not knowing much about the office she was working for. About four years ago Amanda decided she could help make this better by starting her own staffing company.  

What sets us apart to our staff

At NWDS we focus on our staff, it is important to us to meet all of our staff in person so we can get to know them on a personal level not just what you see on paper. We get to know what our staff's career goals are whether they are looking for a permanent position, temp on their days off, or fill in as a temp until they find their good fit for a home office. We encourage feedback whether good or bad, we understand that not every office and every staff are going to be a good fit so honest feedback helps us find a good match for both. The information you share with us about assignments is confidential and we use this information only to keep you connected with offices that you fit you best.  

What Sets Us Apart To Our Clients & Doctors

Because we get to know our staff on an individual basis we also like to get as much information as we can about our clients and their clinics. We go beyond the basics of needing to know what staff you want where and when, we like to know the environment and atmosphere we are sending our staff to so that not only are they prepared but you can know that they know what to expect and this makes the day go much smoother. We also encourage open and honest feedback. In order to provide you with high quality personable staff we need to know what fits and what doesn't. The information you share with us is confidential and we use this information for employee reviews and to get to know what your office needs for the best staff for you.